New Coaches Join the FWCD Field Hockey Family


Coach Caroline Moock and Coach Devon Loth ’12 after a game at FWCD. Photo by Paige Chisholm ’87

Caroline Sanders, Managing Editor of Business

As the year begins and the field hockey season kicks off, the program is introducing two new members to its coaching staff, Caroline Moock and Devon Loth ‘12. Moock and Loth will both be co-coaching the Fort Worth Country Day JV girls’ field hockey team.

Growing up in Oklahoma City, Moock attended Casady High School and played field hockey, played soccer, and ran track. Moock first began playing field hockey for Casady in the sixth grade and continued all throughout her high school career. Like FWCD, Casady is also in the Southern Preparatory Conference, and is a strong competitor of FWCD. 

“I’m really excited for this season, especially for us to play Casady. I think Country Day is really good this year, so it will be fun to see how the game goes,” Moock said. 

I enjoy being with the coaches as well as with the team, and so when you enjoy the people that you work with, I think it has a positive effect on the whole program.”

— Paige Chisholm '87

After graduating from Casady High School, Moock moved to Fort Worth to attend Texas Christian University. Moock is currently a senior at TCU and is a nursing major with plans to pursue a medical career. 

“I never really thought about coaching before… but after I heard about this position I immediately knew this would be such a fun opportunity. So, I guess it was just by chance, but I’m glad I’m doing it,” Moock said. “Being in college, I’ve really missed sports. So it’s fun to come out here and be back in SPC mode. It’s also great because it works so well with my schedule.” 

The other coach assisting Moock is Loth. Loth grew up living in Fort Worth and attending FWCD from kindergarten until her graduation in 2012. Since she went to FWCD, Loth is very familiar with the school and the field hockey program at FWCD.

“It’s fun to be back here, at my old high school. Especially seeing how much everything has changed over the years,” Loth said. 

Loth started playing field hockey in the seventh grade and continued until her senior year in high school. Loth even played with FWCD varsity field hockey coach Tara Gordon ‘12. The two were childhood friends and then teammates in high school. Gordon is one of the reasons why Loth came back to FWCD to become a coach. 

“I’ve found coaching to be a great stress relief… I really do enjoy it,” Loth said.

As well as field hockey, Loth also played soccer, ran track, and managed the wrestling team in high school. After graduating, Loth attended the University of Arkansas and majored in business and marketing. Later, she obtained a master’s degree in teaching and is now a fourth grade teacher in White Settlement. Loth has been teaching for four years and specializes in reading and writing. When asked her thoughts about the coming season, Loth was very enthusiastic.

“I’m super excited for the season. From what I’ve seen of the team that we’re coaching, they are like rock stars and are going to do awesome things,” Loth said. 

Varsity field hockey coach and program director, Paige Chisholm ‘87, explained the coaching dynamic that’s been created since Loth and Moock have joined the staff.

“Between the four of us [including Gordon], I feel like each player could relate to at least one of us; it’s important that players have somebody that they feel they can talk to,” Chisholm said. “I enjoy being with the coaches as well as with the team, and so when you enjoy the people that you work with, I think it has a positive effect on the whole program.”