Beloved Calculus Teacher Leaves After Six Years at FWCD


Lisa Wallace

Stefanie Luedtke (Left) and Jennifer Giroir (Right) check students into the Student Council’s Mardi Gras party last March. Luedtke and Giroir are Student Council co-sponsors and good friends. (Photo Courtesy Stefanie Luedtke)

Caroline Sanders and Jack Mezey

Stefanie Luedtke, US Mathematics, is leaving FWCD after a memorable six years here. First joining in the 2016-2017 school year, she has made a tremendous impact on the FWCD community.  In her time as a Falcon, Luedtke has taught Calculus AB and BC, taught algebra, been a co-sponsor of Student Council, and an advisor to two groups of students. 

Luedtke has been important to the math department, as FWCD has been finalists in the calculus poll every year since she’s been hired. 

“The best part about FWCD is the people,” Luedtke said. “I’ve loved getting to know my students and creating friendships with the other teachers as well. I think that will be the hardest part about leaving; those two pieces.”

A replacement for Luedtke for the Student Council co-sponsor position has not been made yet. Luedtke will be replaced in the math department by new hire Catherine Lorenz. 

Luedtke is leaving to accept a position at her church, North Point Church located in Burleson. She plans to work on a lot of different aspects in the church, possibly including communication management, overseeing the preschool department, etc. Luedtke has been involved with her church for two years already. 

“This opportunity kind of just presented itself to me unexpectedly,” Luedtke said. “I spent some time thinking and praying about it and decided that it was the direction I needed to go.”

Although she is leaving, Luedtke said she would definitely consider coming back to teaching later in the future. 

“I’ve always known I wanted to be a teacher. Even when I was little, I would set up my stuffed animals and pretend to read to them,” Luedtke said. “So, it’s comforting to know that I work in a profession where I can always come back in the future.”

“I’m going to miss my advisees,” Luedtke said. “But I am going to see them next year at their games and events, and certainly at graduation.”

Luedtke has prided herself on being an advisor for the past six years. She has developed great relationships with all of her advisees. 

“Mrs. Luedtke has been a great supporter and advocate for me,” Jaiden Patel ‘23 said. “As an advisor, she’s been a key component to my success at FWCD thus far.”

Patel has been in her advisory since his freshman year. Another one of Luedtke’s advisees, Campbell Beebe ‘23 has also cultivated a great relationship with her. 

“She’s been a great mentor for the past three years and she’s created a great environment in our advisory,” Beebe said. “She’s one of the biggest reasons why I look forward to advisory every Tuesday.”

Luedtke has also been a co-sponsor of Student Council during her time here.

Her co-sponsor, Jennifer Giroir, US History, has developed a great friendship with her over the six years they’ve worked together. 

“There aren’t enough words to explain how helpful and important she is and there’s a huge void that I’m not sure can be filled,” Giroir said. “I’m going to miss her terribly.”